2000 Kanga
Standard Power
Optional Power
Fuel Capacity
2,450 lbs.
8 ppl
310 HP
325 HP
26 gal.

Three-event skiing is all about commitment, and so is the Kanga. The featured highlight is its wake or lack-there-of combined with an unbinding commitment to quality, and AWSA-approved performance. It starts with structure, i.e. a “shoe-box” fit of the 100% glass hull and deck, add a (hand-laid) glass, uni-body stringer system for support and top it off with a 22 mm thick layer of gel coat. Three-event skiing needs power and the Kanga has plenty of it, thanks to the standard Indmar Assault 310-hp, V-8 engine.

Control is essential and to pull that off, every Moomba comes with Teleflex tournament style controls and an adjustable driver's seat. Three tracking fins assist in the quality of ride and just like our competitors' more expensive counterparts, all Moombas come standard with Nibral underwater gear and an Aquamet-17 stainless steel drive shaft.

To insure that the driver pulls each skier at the proper speed, the dash features dual tournament speedometers and electronic Kyser Medallion gauges. To keep your Kanga looking good for a long time, it’s custom interior is hand stitched around water and rot-proof seat bases and substraights. All Moomba interiors feature G&T marine grade, UV-stable vinyls and premium Diamonds carpet. The Kanga has what it takes to compete.