2010 Outback V
12 ppl
325 HP, V-8, 5.7 L, EFI
Owners Manual (PDF)

The Outback V

A Moomba classic completely revamped in 2009, the Outback V makes V-Drive performance affordable. The new Outback V is an extension of Moomba engineering. Simply put, the Outback V delivers more boat for less money. No worries.

The Outback V was redesigned to meet small lake boat length restrictions. Itís now slightly under 20í long. But the truly ingenious part of the new design is that the boat is both deeper and heavier than in previous models, so the V-Drive wake will challenge intermediate rider skills, while allowing taller passengers to ride more comfortably in the cabin.

The Outback Vís deck styling owes its influence to the BMW roadster, while the interior design is classic American sports car. Clean lines, small splashes of color, and cleverly integrated cup holders mark the interior.

Add the optional MultiSport wake plate and the Outback V will please all types of watersport enthusiasts. Kick in the Gravity III ballast system and you will simply not believe the level of watersport performance that this boat will deliver.

You can pay more. Much more. If thatís your thing, go for it. Or do the smart thing.

Donít underestimate the Outback V.

The Outback V is shorter (under 20í to allow it to run on virtually all size-restricted lakes), Itís deeper for more comfort and the new running surface produces much larger, cleaner wakes.

Tower folds to standard garage height.

The driverís seat improves ergonomics between driver and helm.

Non-skid on swim platform and improved insulation around all the coolers and much, much more.

Outback V Features

The Indmar 325 HP V-8 with pump in tank fuel system delivers plenty of power for all your watersport needs.

All gauges are well marked and within easy reach of the driver for both safety and convenience.

Stainless steel throughout all Moombas for strength and durability. Grab handles for safety when riding in the bow area.

Fully adjustable Rise-R seats for different heights of drivers.

Non-slip swim platforms for safe entry and exit from the water.