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    Surfing a D-drive video

    Beginning of the summer we got our first inboard boat. I have been on this forum asking multiple questions related to surfing. I appreciate all of the help along the way. I have attached a video of...
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    I will replace the fuel filter, fill up with...

    I will replace the fuel filter, fill up with ethanol free gas. I put stabil in the last tank and still had the issue. I do not believe it is over heating, or atleast the guages dont show it to be. I...
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    2006 moomba outback dieing

    I have a 2006 moomba outback. We will be driving across the lake, speed doesnt matter, and the engine will die. It wont start back until I open up the motor compartment. It then fires right up and...
  4. Thread: Board help!

    by newmoomba

    Board help!

    I am looking for an affordable board that is durable. We baught a Ronix long board and have used it 3 times and have chips and nicks all over it. Anyone have a recommendation on a board that is cheap...
  5. thanks for the info. I baught two 400lb bags,...

    thanks for the info. I baught two 400lb bags, seems i may need to pick up another 600lb bag and i can try out Ed's advice. thanks again.
  6. What is a good fiberglass beginner board

    I baught a ix Huntington Longboard Wakesurf Board, I have used the board two times and the board is swelling. What do you guys recommend for a cheap wakesurf board that is not made out of solid foam?
  7. Ballast placement in a 2006 moomba outback

    I recently started surfing, like two days ago recent, and i need to get a bigger wave. I have the factory bag under the back seat and i need to make the wave bigger and the pocket longer. We normally...
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    Sub install in a 2006 moomba outback

    Thanks in advance for your help.. I am looking to install a sub in the drivers side console. How is the best way to run the wire to get it from the drivers side to the passanger side?
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