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  1. Do you still have the boat? I am interested....

    Do you still have the boat? I am interested. Please call 912-617-5302
  2. 97 moomba strut and plate that mounts to the boat that is closest to the engine

    I have a 97 moomba and the strut appears to be bent to the left. Is this normal? Also the strut is supposed to have two set screws but one is missing. The shaft also flops back and forth inside the...
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    Shaft coupler stuck

    I am trying to remove the prop shaft coupler. I have removed the cotter pin and nut from inside the coupler but the coupler wont budge. Any suggestions.
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    Prop stuck on my 97 Moomba

    Trying to remove the prop so that the prop shaft can be tested. It is stuck on the shaft. Any help would be appreciated.
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