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    I have a 08 lsv with a vibration from about 2300 rpm up to 2800 rpm and then it goes away. I love the hole shot and the top in of the prop that is on it now, it is an oj 14.25x16 with a 95 cup. Have...
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    I had the same thing on my 08 lsv, I have the...

    I had the same thing on my 08 lsv, I have the cockpit and bow cover that velcros together at the window, also a pole in the cockpit and in the bow. I went on line to and bought a...
  3. Dealer STEPS UP

    ROMOBOCO steped up and made the repairs to my 08 lsv without having to wait on the authorization from Skiers Choice. It sounds like the warranty department is paying the dealers back with parts...
  4. Moomba warranty dept MIA

    I bought an '08 LSV and needed some gel coat work done under warranty. Moomba is not returning the dealer's phone calls to authorize the work. I wish I would have researched the service side of...
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