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    Default Prop Shaft Alignment Yearly Maintenance Item

    Quote Originally Posted by yotaismygame View Post
    I loosened all 4 which made a gap. You're saying the two flanges should be able to completely separate? This was not happening for me. If I applied pressure with my left and measured with my right there was no changes. So it sounds like they are stuck together? I had a big gap all the way around even when applying pressure.
    Spin the shaft from the prop end to free the coupler.

    I also found the trick to closing the gap was to push the shaft in from the prop side. I could get it close on the coupler side but was able to close the gap by forcing the shaft toward the v-drive from the prop.
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    With the nuts loose you should be able to move the prop shaft and coupler front to back the amount that you loosen the nuts. Sometimes the two couplers can be stuck and a slight bump of the engine over will free them if your boat is in the water or as mentioned above holding the prop and turning or and push pulling to free the couplers if out of the water. Sounds like your not measuring between the couplers if you have a gap when the bolts are tight
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