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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    I think I need to do this too. My front bag fills up with air. Can you use the existing thru-hull and a Y connector? If you add a check valve in the vent line, will air push right through it and get out?

    Grab one of the wifes wine bottle corks for the exit thru hull for when your towing, when ya get to the flint pull it out. Simple/cheap
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    I ought to be able to find one of them around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    I got my Vent right before the Threw Hull. This is so no air while trailering the boat fills my bags. Air coming up B side of the Y is not going to down A side very far. It will hit the pump down there and stop. The path of least resistance will still be threw the valve out the threw hull fitting.

    Did you install a vent line and y it into your evac line, or did u just install a check valve before the thru hull to keep air from filling the bag?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cab13367 View Post

    Did you install a vent line and y it into your evac line, or did u just install a check valve before the thru hull to keep air from filling the bag?

    Right now i just have the Vent next to the threw hull and i plan to put the y below that. The Y is for the right leg of my Nose bag. I am planning on putting another threw hull on the starboard side and run the left leg of my nose bag to it.

    Most are running 2 threw hulls on the port side but i don't think i need 2 on one side. Course im still planning my nose bag hook ups. As of right now though i have a 1 way check valve on the line right next to the threw hull fitting.

    Lots will say and i agree if your vented then you don't need a check valve but none the less i rather spend a couple bucks for a valve and just not have the bags fill will air to begin with.
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    The reason for the check valve is not to prevent the bag from filling with air, it's to prevent drain water from filling the bag by flowing back into the vent connection. Air will go right past the drain pump, it won't stop air, let alone water.

    With a dedicated vent connection on the top of the bag it doesn't matter if air gets in while trailering (which is a big problem with the forward bag).
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