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    Default 2013 Mojo - Adding the 2015 Gunnel Step Pads

    If you have the 13-14 Mojo you might want to upgrade to the new Moomba Gunnel Step pads.

    You will need a 1 inch hole making device, hole saw, flat boring bit, spacial bits, Buck Shot of you got stones that big.
    Adjustable Wrench
    Blue Tape
    Measuring Device
    Cutting tool such as a razor knife.
    6Pack of your favorite Beverage.

    If you have some sort of step pad on your boat already, you need to remove this, and the glue. I used a heat gun on low, windshield ice scraper, as it wont scratch the gell coat. Then I used some rubbing compound to get the left over glue residue off.

    I shouldn't need to tell you when to drink that beverage, but this is a good time to crack that first one.

    Remove the Pop Cleats, 2 bolts, 2 washers, 2 locking washers, and 1 spacer.

    I taped the original holes on the gunnel to have the correct spacing. I then used a peace of tape to guide me straight down the side of the boat. I measured up 2.5inch from the rub rail as my new location.

    I taped the area with several layers, this keeps my bits from walking, also helps keep from cracking.

    Good Place to down that beverage to calm the nerves, this is my most dangerous part lol.

    Drill the two holes.

    Remove the tape. If you moor the boat up a lot, its recommended you use a sanding tool of some kind to chamfer the holes with a sanding ball of some sort. This will keep it from cracking under stress. I do not moor my boat, but I do plan to go back and chamfer the holes. Right now I just lightly sanded all the edges.

    Reinstall the pop up cleat. Spacer, washer, lock washer, bolt. Tighten- hand tight then snug up, no need to wrench them super tight.

    For the gunnel pad measure out the distance from the rear corner to your tower base. On mine its 64 inches. Mine is a custom tower so I am not exactly sure if mine is the exact placement as factory.

    Cut the pad to the length your happy with. Peel the sticky paper, on mine this was a pain, the edges keep tearing.
    Lay it place, remember the gunnel gets wider from the rear to front. So pick a line and stick with it.
    I chose to lay the pad 1/4 from the inside edge and as the gunnel widens it leaves me slightly more gunnel on the outside. This makes it easier to clean when waxing the boat.

    Now do the same to the other side.

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    Nice Job! Thanks for the write up, Mike.
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    Nice job there
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    Looks good Mike!

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