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    Thumbs up Found Led Replacement for Knight Rider Pro Series Halogen Bulb

    Hi guys,
    This is the LED bulb I found that replaced the old halogen on my Knight Rider lights. It is insanely bright and it is a 7watt bulb. I had to do a little modifying to the fixture and if anyone is interested I can go through the process. If you are into night surfing this will do the trick for that extra lighting.
    Each bulb was $30.00, Iím sure a replacement bulb for a halogen would be the same or more.

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    cool, man i wish we could surf or ride at night lol. Way to many po po on the water in my area and man does the water suddenly feel cold when the sun goes down. At the best time of summer we see mid 70s water and id do it at night if i could. Just cant risk the po po lol.

    I will ride still the sun goes down and have left the ramp several times in the dark with the po po watching us load and clean the boat lol.
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    Why are you parked in the trees?
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