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    Bought June 2006 @175 hrs
    Now @ 375 hours

    However, new engine at about 225 hours in 2008 so I'm more like 150 now.
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    Bought winter Jan of 2010 with 618hrs and I now have 800ish. I figure that I can actually double my run time for amount of time we actually spend on the water.

    BTW Hoot good to see that you are still alive
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    Bought in September of '11 with 25hr, we currently have 42.5

    I was able to figure that cause I only have 9 toes on the left foot Drew!
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    Bought our boat in June 2010 with 0 hours on it and she now has like 62 or something. Didn't get to use the boat that much last year as my wife was pregnant. Looking forward to getting out a lot this year and getting the baby on the boat.
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    bought my '06 at the end of '07 with 96 hrs on it. was the first '06 20ssv and supra's brochure boat. it now has 320hrs on it. think that's around 50 a year, but we only put around 20 on it last year and 30 the year before due to weather and divorce. the prior 2 years, it was 80-90 a year.

    thinking gas prices this summer will affect hours as well. I see the tube I do have left ending up on cl to avoid any gas towing that thing around
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    2008 bought new in early 2010. Now has 124 hrs. Need to get a few more on this year though.
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    Bought ours in 09 with .2 hours.

    Total 168 hrs
    First year was 20hr break in 50hr use
    Second year was 125 total 50 hr use
    Last year was 168 total with 48 hr use

    We spend all day on the lake each time we go and i tend to shut the engine off anytime not pulling someone to keep the hours down but last year we didnt even get the season started till end of June so actually last season we put the most riding hours on her.
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    Bought ours in November 2010 with 28 hrs. Road it for about 2 hrs. the weekend we picked it up, then winterized it.
    2011 was a good year we boarded from March til end of November. Boat now has 152 hrs. so that was 122 hrs. last year. Almost all pulling hours, we start boarding about 100 yards from where we put in at.
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    Bought August 2010 0 hours got 10 hours on it in 2010 and then had it serviced & winterized.
    Currently 62 hours so about 52 last year doesn't really reflect time on water as we spent lots of time anchored and we kept fairly close to the lauch area so run time was pretty much all tow time.

    Hoping to get more time in this year, but it hasn't started as we'd hoped. Boat is currently in storage until I get some concrete work done (now parking pad and extending existing driveway) but we're into our second delay on that...
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    We rolled over 300 hours in february last year so we put 240 hours on last year alone. Pretty crazy, as were my gas receipts and me and my brother split gas in that i fill up one time he fills up the next.
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