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    Quote Originally Posted by spyder View Post
    also, anyone know what that type of plug is called on the back of the old deck? maybe I can find the other matching end at radio shack so I can keep the wiring harness detachable.

    this one here
    2006 Moomba Mobius LSV
    Lake: Rice lake, Ontario
    Stereo: Kenwood KMR-D562BT
    Ballast: 750 Surfside locker, 400 Surfside mid boat, 400 Gravity I, 400 Bow
    Surfboards: Inland Surfer Red Woody, Triple X Composite X 58"

    If you're from the area and want to surf, send me a PM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E4NASH View Post
    That should work. I have two of the Kenwood KMR107 remotes. They are kinda spendy but they are so much nicer than those aeware remotes. I had those aewares in my old boat and had a few problems with them.

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    It worked, Thanks

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