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    Default Took A Future Marine Out For A Day

    I have a very good friend whose son has a very good friend who is inside of 30 days before he reports for duty with the United States Marine Corps. Our family has a history with the Corps and while I did not have the honor many of my family members have. They asked me if I would be up for taking him out on the boat last Sat. I made these kids show up at 9:30 a.m. so we would be ahead of the bad weather in the forecast. As a result, only my friend's son and his girlfriend and Nick, the future marine, got up earlly enough to join us. My oldest daughter came along and did some driving, including for me. It turned out to be a fantastic day before lightning chased us off the water.

    I didn't get many pics but they got a bunch for themselves. Here's what I have. Nick had a blast (he's in the green shorts). I wish I had some riding pics as he wakeboarded for almost an hour and surfed till his legs wouldn't hold him up. The others also wakeboarded and surfed too.

    I think the pics show that we gave him a good time. He thanked me at the end of the day and I told him it was an honor to take him out.




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    Well done Kane.... several of my family (extended) serve as well. I always make sure to shake their hand and thank them every time I see them!!

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    Very cool. Love the guitar board.
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