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    If you not going to be using it for the whole winter season then just winterized it. Easy enough, and then your not sucking a ton of electricity all winter long. Block heaters are to get an engine warmed up quick to make cold weather starts easier, not really to maintain a constant long long period temp. I agree otherwise with the dual light bulb set up, but if you can afford a $20k+ boat, you can afford to winterized it and KNOW your engine will be safe all winter long. Just my opinion, and did not mean any of it to be rude.

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    Default Block Heater vs Winterizing

    Got the block warmer and 100w right now. Still haven't had a freeze. Hope to go out in the next 3 weeks.
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    Default Block Heater vs Winterizing

    Winterize over block heater. Really guys. 15 days. Must be rough. Since my boat sits for seven, eight, or nine months I drain the water out of it. Last winter my idiot neighbor left his 96 outback full of water outside and it still didn't freeze. Wouldn't be my luck.

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    I have been known to ski/wakeboard in February. I went December 3rd, 2012. Not worth winterizing. Use the oil pan heater and I start it about every 3 weeks.
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    I always winterize but part of that is because in my insurance policy it states i cant use the boat between 11/1 and 4/1 this also makes my policy cheaper.
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