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    Default 2013 Texas Moomba/Supra Jam

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    Boat. Beer. Sunscreen. Beer. Hat. Beer. Food.

    In that order.

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    And water. If I went in that order + Mexican food + BBQ, I'll negate the 30lbs I've lost since April-May.
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    i wish i could go..
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    Quote Originally Posted by drifter View Post
    I did the river about 2 weeks before you this year, and I did not have this issue. Had my case for Friday and my case for the float. By the looks of your pictures, we stayed about 2 doors further down RR, at Cliffview.

    I think our beer issued came from us bringing one of those 150 qt coolers to the river and everyone tried to consolidate the beer to one cooler. All we brought was Bud Light but when I got home I unloaded Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, and Michelob Ultra...and at least a 6 pack of each. Not complaining though!

    we stayed at moo cow cabins with the big cow in the front yard

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    Default Re: 2013 Texas Moomba/Supra Jam

    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    Newty, have you ever been to TX??

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    Nope! I'm afraid I'll want to stay. Lol

    PWI as usual...

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    We had a cabin open up if anybody is still looking to come and want a cabin.

    Let me know ASAP.

    PM me for info.

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    Default Re: 2013 Texas Moomba/Supra Jam

    Hey cody or david...any interest in an updated boat list that's confirmed?


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    This was my last update last week. There may be a few changes I'm missing.

    RSVP Headcount: 123
    Moomba's: 17
    Supra's: 8
    Other: 4
    Total boats: 29

    (If I have anyone's boat listed wrong or not entered, my apologies)

    Austin James Bailey - Supra 21V
    Brett Howell - Moomba LSV
    Brian Kelsey - Ballast
    Chris Hernandez - Moomba Mojo
    Chris Splendoria - Moomba LS
    Cody Oldham - Ballast - HOST
    Cory Audrey - Moomba LSV
    Dameon Marks - Unknown
    David Langston - Moomba LSV - HOST
    Doug Miller - Supra 21V
    Dusty and Ashley - Supra 24SSV
    Elisabeth Miller - Ballast
    Fred White - Epic
    Jason Lanier - Moomba
    Jason Petty - Moomba LSV
    John Young - Unknown
    Kyle Smith - Supra 21V
    Mark Lemmon - Supra
    Mark Ramzak - Supra
    Matt Krause - Axis A20
    Micah & Melissa - Mastercraft X2
    Michael Krause - Ballast
    Mike Mandely - Ballast
    Mike Triplett - Moomba LSV
    Rance Taylor - Axis A22
    Randell Vincent Jr - Bethy Creek Host
    Rinkers Boat World - Supra SA
    Robert Carter - Moomba LS
    Ron Allison - Moomba LSV
    Shane Brammell - Moomba LSV
    T.J. Swift -
    Taft Leissner - Moomba LSV
    Jawsh Wright - Moomba LSV
    Casey Chawk - Moomba LS
    Matt and Jill - Moomba LSV
    Josh Aranda - Moomba Mojo
    Ryan Newton - Ballast/Beer Holder
    Robert Fagg -
    Tim Millstid - Moomba Mojo
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    That is a lot of folks... who all is gonna be there Thursday evening?
    '08 Mobius LS

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    Default Re: 2013 Texas Moomba/Supra Jam

    If 10 to 11 pm counts we will be. Our beer will be hot...assuming you gonna wait up with some cold ones?

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    The whole fam was planning on coming up Saturday, but now the crew is starting to flake out on me - last minute soccer commitments and work schedules till 3. If I can't pull in some last minute reserves, I'm inclined just to roll solo & let them catch up late in the day if they can.

    I'm still rehabbing the leg from my last Trinity trip but last year's Jam was just to cool to miss, so be nice if you see a handicapped, grey bearded, bum under the HWY 19 bridge holding a sign "Will tow for beer". I'll have 3000#'s of sacs, but it's looking like I'll have room for even more "ballast" if someone needs a ride...
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