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    Default 2008 mobius lsv front ballast addition

    Hey guys, totally new to owning a boat but ill be getting a mobius lsv later this month with 750s in the back and they usually fill an 800 and put it on top of the cushions up front. What's the best option for under the cushions up front? And can I have it filled with the belly sac pump? I see there is a 650 by straight line on wakemakers but it still say fill with a movable pump

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    Default 2008 mobius lsv front ballast addition

    IBS or integrated now sac. Fills to 650 lbs and it a V shape to fit under the front seats nicely. Wake makers has them

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    You can run a line from your center bag to this one to fill it. Or if your boat has aerator pumps it might be worth it to you to add another pump. Either way, congrats on the new boat and post some pics!

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