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    My name comes from my cars license plate, and my forum names I use for my car racing forums, it's a 2004 Gto that uses a lot of nitrous. N2ogto

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    motosno963.. motocross ( well i use to race GNCC ) and snocross( have my 2007 polaris IQR race sled but have yet to race due to funds and time now a days) and my race number 963
    2004 Outback Blue/white w/5.7 indmar 350, Direct Drive
    Rockford fasgate cabins
    Rockford fasgate 500w amp (cabin) and a kenwood HU (kmr700u)
    Exile XM7's
    Exile Harpoon
    Exile ZLD
    Polk 10in sub (2)
    Polk P330 amp (subs)

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    Default Re: What's up with that name?!

    J- Jay
    Sly- short for sloyer (last name)
    04 xlv -current ride

    From the mobile
    2004 Moomba XLV Gravity Games Edition
    1100's all around, Acme 1235 prop

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    Default What's up with that name?!

    T - 1st letter in my name
    Goody - last name is Goodwin
    14 - was my jersey number

    Back in 2000 Sean Combs, aka PDiddy, came out with a Hit Single - Bad Boys for Life and that was my come out song when I hit the mound back in my ball playin days...

    I was a sophomore and the Seniors gave me the nickname TGoody to go along with my come out song by PDiddy. It stuck all through high school and carried on over to college ball.
    Still to this day, 13yrs later, I run into people back home that yell out TGOODY when they see me and they prolly couldn't even tell you my full name haha

    Some things never change... lol
    2004 Outback Blue on White *Sold
    2008 LSV Blue on White
    EXILED with 6 SX65-M in cabin & 2 XM9s rockin the tower
    2 Kicker ZX700.5 Amps powering the entire boat with 2 10" Subs under the dash
    Krypt KMA4200 EQ under driver's side dash to control all the madness
    Z5 Cargo Rack annnnnnnd She's NEKKKKED....

    I'm no expert, I just read up on the Moomba Forum...

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    Default What's up with that name?!

    I like cigars and scotch.

    2008 Supra 21V
    1,450 lbs., Gravity III ballast system
    Z5 Cargo Rack
    Stereo: Pair of Wetsounds Pro 80's, Rockford Fosgate P500-2, Kicker ZX200.4, Exile ZLD, stock Kicker in-cabins, stock Kenwood HU
    Tow rig: 2008 Slate Tundra, Bilstein 5100's (F&R)

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