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    Default another ballast upgrade - LSV 08

    it looks like it's ballast upgrade season, with so many posts.
    I thought i'd share my experience, since I was a bit scared to do it, but everything well.

    i picked up the kit from ( and watched carefully the video on how to drill thru the hull:

    thru hull fittings location:

    Pump location: the middle pump is higher than 2 others to allow for room for the hoses.

    I installed a Y valve to control filling the center/front ballast and the 400 bag under the seat (on the left side, mostly regular surfers on my boat)

    I didn't change the 3/4 hose going to the center/front bag that was too much work... but i did add a vent at the front of the bag, hooked to original drain.

    I found it very useful to use a pvc pipe cutter like this to cut the hoses.

    the 750 bags now fill up in about 5-6 minutes, which is about 1/3 of the time than before.
    that was a very fun project!
    It's really worth it, i don't regret at all.

    Full result in pictures on flickr:

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    Nice work! You'll definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor this season - which by the way our weather forecasts have been looking lately may come early!
    The years have been kind, it's the weekends that have done the damage.

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    Very nice! This is going to make for a better summer. More water time.
    My Mom said I'm not allowed to get wet!
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