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    I think mine came with lock washers? A nylock nut could probably work as well.
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    I hate nylock nuts for hard to reach places. You have to use a tool all the way. No finger loosening or tightening. Better to use a good lock washer.
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    My daughter’s arm was small enough to get to the nut and get it tight.
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    Default Loose hand rails

    Mine came loose. Removed the speaker, side seat cushion and front cushion. Used my son to help through speaker hole, guide a long flexible extension on the end of a nut driver with deep 1/2 socket. Which I tightened from under the front cushion. Used loctite on all from then on.

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    Bow rail rear bolt problem: FIXED

    So....I too have fallen victim to the "loose bow rail" problem. After reading all of your post I pretty much knew I was in for a treat and thought I was going to need a good day to probably get it done due to expected frustrations. The good news is I tried to tackle this on a Monday night after I was able to slide out of work a little early, therefore I was looking for a challenge I guess.

    In the midst of my challenge I have found a pretty fast way to get to the rear port and starboard front rails point if you are having to replace the entire bolt.

    What I ended up using is kind out there but it worked to basically give me a easy way to have the bolt in place. I had some electrical wire (standard 8 gauge style auto wire ) heat shrink tubing that goes over your wires and you heat it up to protect your wire such as on a utility trailer. I fished the tubing though the top of the bolt hole for the rail and fed it though the storage compartment so that I could place the bolt into the end. This allowed me to pull the bolt to the top with the socket set and extensions taped to the bolt itself. After I tightened up the bolt to the rail with RED lock tight I was good to go and I was able to tighten it up in about 45 minutes.

    Just thought I would share that for the masses in hopes of making someones life easier. FYI....I still had to try out for circus by doing a little bending around of my arm, but thankfully not too much.

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    Default Loose hand rails

    Nice. I always dropped fishing line through the hole and tied it to the bolt. Your way probably lines up better.
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