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    Default Fuel pump & Fuel pressure help

    Can you try to tell me which fuel pump I need for my boat.

    It's a 2000 moomba outback LS, 5.7 assault mpi.

    From the tank fuel goes to the hvlp carter pump, then to the high pressure pump (with screw on filter/seaparator on bottom) then to another inline metal fuel filter ....then to the engine.

    What I need is the high pressure pump. It is mounted at the front of the engine, just behind the driver seat. It appears to be mounted vertically, is round with a square part on top and bottom and is painted black. Fuel enters near the bottom, on the side....and exits at the top, on the side. (Is this the pump or is the pump inside this piece).

    It has been making a whining noise....changed ALL filters, cleaned carter pump screen but is still noisy.

    Any idea what fuel pressure readings should be at idle/ under load ??

    Thanks for your help,

    Patrick S.

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    You might try Cyndi at Atlanta Marine, they are a huge dealer and should have some incite on this.
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