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    Default Help with Exile ZLD Instal in 2012 Mojo

    Ok, I need some instalation advice on mounting the ZLD in the Mojo. For you guys that have already done this, how and where did you mount it?

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    Default Help with Exile ZLD Instal in 2012 Mojo

    I don't have a Mojo but I mounted mine underneath the dash on the right hand side. Used the brackets and built some blocks to help level it out and add strength. Some have cut out the panel on the dash and mounted it there.

    Do a search, there's already an older thread that covers this and many people provided their mounting option with pictures.
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    I just removed nuts off the back of the gauges and stuff and added little brackets and stuff till I reached down to the mounts on the sides. Put it all back and voila! That was on an LSV.
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    Default Re: Help with Exile ZLD Instal in 2012 Mojo

    Epoxied erector set pieces.....
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    This is where i mounted mine, on my dash the fiberglass is about 1/2 thick, so i was able to just screw right into the bottom with small screws, it is solid and no vibrations from it.

    I ran all the RCAs and wires around the bow, i zip tied them to the existing wires under the lip.
    Just pull the bow seats out and stick your head in there, you will see all the wires.

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