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    Default What is a good fiberglass beginner board

    I baught a ix Huntington Longboard Wakesurf Board, I have used the board two times and the board is swelling. What do you guys recommend for a cheap wakesurf board that is not made out of solid foam?

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    Default What is a good fiberglass beginner board

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    I bought a CWB Ride almost 7 years ago now. Best board I've ever ridden, especially for beginners, bar none. It's fast and buoyant, and everybody rides it. Take out the front and rear middle fins and it spins pretty good, I was doing surface 360s on it my second season. I am a very avid wakesurfer and relatively advanced at this point, and I still love this board. I've even landed some shuvits with it. Check out reveiws online, they say the same thing. I have some friends I ride with that have "better" boards, and for some reason they all end up riding mine!
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