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    Default ordering OEM parts

    I need to order a couple parts for my Supra. This site has more activity so I choose to hang here instead of the Supra forum. I live in Jacksonville, Fl but the only Supra dealer is Atlanta Marine. I have read good things about them here. At one time someone mentioned a ladies name to talk to in tha parts area but I cant find that thread now. Does anyone have a good contact there? I need to order new wake plate gauge skiers choice part number is 105495 and the wire harness is 105583. Thanks to Roger at Skiers Choice for the part numbers.

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    Wolfe should be chimming in on this buy her name is Cyndi or something real close, i know the spelling on her name is wrong but its not Cindy LOL.
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    good memory, Mike.

    Call Cynde & let her know you're from the Moomba forum and she'll take care of you.

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