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    Default 2006 moomba outback dieing

    I have a 2006 moomba outback. We will be driving across the lake, speed doesnt matter, and the engine will die. It wont start back until I open up the motor compartment. It then fires right up and may run fine for an hr or 10 mins and it will do it again. Since opening the motor hatch i was thinking it was starving for air. Any ideas?

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    Default 2006 moomba outback dieing

    Few things...
    1. Might be fuel filter
    2. Might try marine grade stabil next fill up with ethanol free gas if possible.
    3. Is it over heating? Temp gauge readings.
    4. Vapor lock or cheap ethanol gas causing issues.
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    I will replace the fuel filter, fill up with ethanol free gas. I put stabil in the last tank and still had the issue. I do not believe it is over heating, or atleast the guages dont show it to be. I just wonder why opening the motor compartment allows it to start?

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    Take a good look at all your fuel lines. I suspect a problem with your fuel pump under high demand or with your fuel lines-- sometimes with age and heat they will soften and get "sucked closed" when under high demand. This can happen to vent lines too effectively cutting off air returning to a fuel tank and interrupting fuel supply.
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    If you really think its an air intake issue, remove the canistar <fire arrestor> on the top of the engine, then run the boat for a day and see if the problem goes away.

    You can use Carb Cleaner to spray it clean, if you havent cleaned it since the boat was New i would suspect this being the problem.

    Reason the engine will run and then shut down is the Computer is constantly measureing air and fuel ratios for the best performance. As the intake gets clogged you get less and less air. As you throttle into it more the engine cant suck in enough air to compensate for your demand of fuel and when the computer cant get the correct ratio it will shut the engine off to prevent over rich fueling issues.
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