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    Here's the surf side with full 750 sac. I had that, the 400 pulled out of there, filled on the corner seat and front ballast full, and it was a HUGE improvement on the wake.

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    Default OBV surf ballast

    The 1100 wouldn't fill all the way but there's definitely some room in there for a bit more weight than just the 750. Thanks for taking the pic, I really appreciate it.

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    I forgot to take a good picture of just the wake with the new setup of sacs I have. Attached is one of a friend trying it for the first time... He was just going down the wake, so you can kinda see what the wake is like... The 750 plus stock 400 recycled in the corner made a huge difference! I was driving at 11mph with plate all the way down.

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    2013 Moomba LSV
    2013 Moomba Outback V (Sold)
    2002 Mastercraft X-5

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