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    Default 2015 Moomba Mondo or Ski Supreme S21

    Hi, this is my first post and I am in need of some honest opinions. I currently have a 2006 Crownline 200 LS and love the boat. With my kids getting older the activity list is getting bigger. And surfing is one of them. The Crownline has been fantastic for all types of water sports (except surfing). What I am wanting to replicate in a new boat is the ride, quality, performance and stability we currently have. At the moment we have not been able to test drive a new boat. I've spent several hours 'trolling' the internet and have narrowed down my research to two boats; a 2014 Moomba Mondo and a 2014 Ski Supreme S21.
    I've spoken to the salesman and received a lot info. I have always found the best resource when it comes to an opinion on a boat is the user/owners that are out there. What I need is some opinions on the ride, performance, usability etc on the Mondo and the overall length with trailer tongue collapsed. The site foes not list it. I'm limited to 23'6" in my garage. As well I understand the swim platform folds or can be removed. And if anyone has anything on the Supreme feel free to post comments.
    The boat will be used for tubing, kneeboarding, wskeboarding, the odd slalom and cruising/floating around.


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    Well I got my mondo this spring and couldnt be happier... we have neighbors that come out with small kids and have pulled our fair share of tubes. Handling of the boat is fantastic tons of storage for everything. I surf and it throws a phenomenal wave for a 20 fter. Wakeboarding wave is good as well. I am partial to moomba but from my research it is the least expensive way to get into a v drive towboat. I would highly recommend it

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    one important question is which dealer is closer and gives you the overall better feel. if you have both in the neighborhood, my preference would be the supreme as all WE do is surf, BUT that's not what you indicate you do...
    from a wakeboarding/skiing standpoint, I'd take the mondo all day. the supreme is a replication of the 226 hull which, with a deep vee should be easier to get a good surf wave out of, however the mondo should be better on gas when not surfing, will not feel as "tippy" with no ballast as family moves from side to side and iirc, the mondo has a taller freeboard that should give you a better/drier ride in chop. my buddies mondo does not feel as sensitive side to side as my tige with a deeper vee and I believe the supremes are even deeper.

    do a water test if you are able to, but based on what you list above, I think the mondo will come out a clear winner.

    good luck and post when you take delivery of that new mondo
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    I bought a Mondo in Oct of 2013. I currently have 99 hours on it (about to change that oil) and I have been very pleased with the boat. We tube, wakeboard, kneeboard, and surf. I haven't skied behind it yet because I tend to only get 1 set of 1 sport while we are out and I want to learn the new stuff. It does everything we want it to do. I had a Yamaha jetboat and the difference between the two boats is night and day. I have two kids that wakeboard and kneeboard. I need to buy a small surfboard for them over the winter while they are discounted a little.

    You won't have any problems with the length of your garage for the Mondo. You can view a few pictures I took last year in the below thread; Summary, I fit mine in a 20'9" space.

    This is our first Moomba and I am still as happy as the day we bought it. Good luck with your search!
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    As one who sports a Moomba logo tattoo on my arm, I have to agree...the dealer in which you will deal with makes all the difference in the world.

    Do your research and find out what your local boating peers say. If they love the Moomba dealer, go there. If they love your supreme dealer, go there.

    It has been in the past, you get the best bang for your buck with a Moomba...but do your research. Test drive everything, dealers make a huge difference in the satisfaction of your huge investment.
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    Get the the mondo
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