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Thread: XM9 or SXT9

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    Made the three hour drive tonight with the wife and kids from Portland to Seattle and got checked into a hotel thats on the parade route----GO SEAHAWKS!!!! Parade is tomorrow

    @ Woody If I remember right, I joined you on the dock and hopped a ride through the cut? You had your wife and child with you... The way I see things is, if you go with 4 SXT9 you end up with a LOT of sound on the tower that is dynamic and pleasurable and family (read wife) approved. If you go with 4 XM9, you end up with a tower sound that offers more projection out to the rider. However its got more of a live sound. Guys like Langston are going to prefer this setup because its a bit more sharper. If you think thats the ticket - don't forget that you can flip the internal switch on the XM9's and dampen down the horn a bit. It's pretty easy to do. Balancing either of these two setups is important with a good cabin / sub upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    Just go with 4 xm9s and be done with it

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    x2 here you'll be happy!!!
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    Default XM9 or SXT9

    No kids with us, but all the rest is correct. I'll give you a call next month and we'll get it set up. At least by then we should start to be a little warmer, and I'd be able to get started on the install. No sense in having the stuff here in boxes now... taunting me.
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