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    Default Coozie buy.... let the ordering start..

    looks like we have just shy of 20 people opt-in for the deal so here we go... And remember the more that order, the cheaper the cost. We need at least 10 to make this worthwhile. Anything less and we'll refund.

    Supra was voted out(sorry Supra owners but seems there are a ton getting new Mondos this year )

    We will be ordering only Moomba this year.

    Coozies will have the Skiing roo on one side and on the other in block lettering
    NO Worries
    Tournament Inboard Boats
    (It looks much nicer on the jpg than just block lettering )

    We are only allowed 4 colors so it'll be blue/black/green/pink(so they never get stolen).

    If we can get 20 total, should net around 20 each. You can pick colors for the first 16 and the rest will be random amongst the 4 colors as I'm not sure how many people will actually send cash now that it's done. I'll order anything above 16 at the same ratio of colors picked.

    Canada might have a slightly higher shipping charge. Plan on the same $20 at this point and if it's more, we can settle up later. I would welcome a pm from anyone in Canada that has any prior experience with shipping there and the cheapest way to send a very small lightweight envelope..

    Cash/Check is fine. Paypal at is fine as well but please send it as a GIFT to avoid the paypal charges

    Please include your address and color preference with the check/cash/paypal and your screen name. If you plan on sending cash/check, pm for my address.

    Again a big shout out to Dusty/Kg as they did this a few years ago and all I'm doing is following their lead...
    Link for product is here:

    I'll give everyone until March 19 to send/paypal money and we'll close it and order. I would hope to have product back to everyone early April.

    I'll be in and out of internet service the next week so if you have any questions, email the paypal link above..

    Thanks and here's to an early and long season....
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    Thanks for setting this up!

    Paypal payment sent!
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    Scott, if you need my order to make it happen I'll order some, other wise I am going to wait and see if we need them.
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    Paypal sent... thanks for doing this... I threw in 5 extra to cover exchange and any extra shipping.. let me know if more is needed. Last time they were usps small packet...

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    Default Coozie buy.... let the ordering start..


    I didn't include color or shipping
    Info, because I'm sumb

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    I'm in! I just sent you a PayPal payment with color choices (only 1 Pink for the wife...). Thanks for running with this - it makes today's -1F snowy morning feel a little less awful..... Can't wait to make this my official first mod for our new LSV!
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    Scott -- I didn't respond initially but the offer is just too good to pass up so I just sent my $20 via paypal. I know what a pain these things can be, so thanks for setting it up.

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    Sent....Thanks again!!
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    Paypal sent. Thanks for coordinating!

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    Default Coozie buy.... let the ordering start..

    PayPal sent. I can't read so I forgot to send my user name. My email that it's coming from is ericbartkowski @ gmail.

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