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    Wink OZ tower setups and pics

    Hey everyone just bought a 14 LSV and am trying to install a tower system was just wondering how everyone is placing their speakers on the towers. I have 2 8" audioformz and 2 6.5 Krypts I was thinking of installing but am wondering about head room. I wanted to get some ideas as I m waiting on new clamps for my old cans. Lol
    Thanks for any pics in advance and I already love the forum. Gotta get ready for Moomba Time

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    Are the 8" audioformz their so called HLCD or coaxial and are 6.5" krypts he HLCD or coaxial? There are many reasons to not mix speaker types or sizes. A single pair can have more output and deeper mid-bass compared to a single pair, yet more efficient and not require that extra amp power.

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    Plenty of headroom here. Mounted at the predrilled holes. Exile XM9s

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    Both speakers are Hlcds im using an mmats hifi4250d amp plenty of power to go around both will be wired in stereo the audios in 2 ohm and krypts in 4

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