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Thread: 2007 Mobius LSV

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    Had a few tire kickers, but nothing serious yet. Need this thing gone.

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    Default Re: 2007 Mobius LSV

    Price seems kinda steep for a 2007..
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    there's 54 boats on onlyinboards currently in the 33k-37k pricerange. that's a lot to choose from and not sure the gear you are selling is really something you can "add" to the retail price of the boat. price the boat, use the gear as a negotiating tool or sell separately on cl to recoup costs.

    my .02.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parrothd View Post
    Price seems kinda steep for a 2007..
    I agree. I am in the market. On Richmond Va CL there is pretty much the same boat for $26.5k. Not the FI engine. But it is 10k less. I agree about the equipment. Loose it or use as negotiation. Personally, I dont want someone else's equipment. My .02. I am also selling a boat. It's a buyer's market!
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    Yes unfortunately your price on the boat is a bit high.

    2 summers ago I sold my 08 LSV for 37.5 and it had 275 hours and comparable upgrades.

    I think you'r market is closer to 30K
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