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    I'm now getting a pretty decent wave for my '13 OBV with the following config:

    - 900# ballast in rear lockers (though 750s also work fine)
    - stock 400# bag in center
    - 650# IBS
    - all filled 100%
    - wake plate at 1/2
    - 10.5 mph
    - ghetto gate on non-surf side (see other threads for all kind of ideas how to build these)

    My guess is those surf tabs you mention would be the manual Flow, but the cost on that is probably more like $1400 (and as much as $2500 depending on your needs and dealer). My take would be to go with the DIY gate which is much cheaper and just as effective (if not more so).

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    Default 2014 Outback V Surf Ballast

    Quote Originally Posted by kpanderson07 View Post
    Should I have one board for the kids and one for me?
    Yes. Just like most sports, the right equipment will make a difference in learning curve and enjoyment. You wouldn't share golf clubs with your kids, would you?

    Upgrade the bags, keep working on finding the sweet spot and learning how to stay in the pocket and get the kids their own board. Try to get out with some other folks to try different boards so you get an idea of what you like (surf vs skim, etc) and upgrade your board next season.
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