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    Default Acme 1433/1235 compared to OJ 14.25x14

    I have a 13 OBV with a OJ 14.25x14 and from what I have been reading many are using the Acme 1433/1235 ( i have to measure for clearance on trailer before I go to the 1235).

    By the numbers it seems that the OJ would provide the best low grunt especially compared to the 1433 (smaller Dia and higher pitch). My prop seems to be fine but it is the only prop I have used.

    I am thinking the difference performance was will not be noticeable but noise and vibration will be reduced. Is this correct thinking?

    Also if the 1235 fits is it worth the extra $50. I need a spare prop and figured if I could upgrade that would be a bonus.

    I run up 1500-2200# ballast and have up to 6 in the boat, so I run a bit heavier.
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    Default Re: Acme 1433/1235 compared to OJ 14.25x14

    You will notice a huge difference with the 1433..
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    I have the 1273 acme which is the same diameter and pitch as the 1235 but with a .150 cup to keep some top speed. I love it. It pulls great with 2500lbs of ballast and will run 39.8 with no ballast.
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    I have a similar dilemma, hopefully you guys can hellp out. Below is a long winded, but detailed description of my situation.

    I have a 2006 Mobius LSV with a 325 EFI turning an OJ 14.25” x 14 prop. I got it with 130 hours and could run 39-40 mph (GPS speed), unfortunately I do not remember the engine RPM. 2 years and 330 hours later, the prop needed to be redone. Now I can only get 37 mph out of it at 5000-5100 rpm. I brought the prop back and it checks out per the dies, so I assume the pitch from OJ was slightly different than the dies used by the prop shop.

    Here is my dilemma. I need 40+ mph for barefooting, but also need acceleration for boarding at 2300 lbs. of ballast plus 6-8 people (or 1800 lbs. ballast + 8-12 people). I mainly wakeboard, but also surf, slalom, barefoot, and skate. I would barefoot and slalom with no ballast, obviously, but also noticed the top speed fully ballasted and empty is within 1 mph, with doesn’t make sense to me.

    I would like to buy a prop that improves acceleration, doesn’t cavitate while surfing, and gets me over 40 mph. Mostly what I see in posts are “XX prop works great!” but don’t have any data to back them up, or are on a direct drive that isn’t applicable to a V-drive with gear reduction.

    So what is the prop that will meet my goals? Should I send my current prop to OJ for refinishing?

    Recommended WOT rpm is 4600-5200 rpm, but how far can I overrun 5200 or when does the rev limiter kick in? I understand outboard prop operation very well and know how to set them up. If it were an outboard 4600-5200 with a limiter at 6000, I would prop it so my average full load/ballast would get me 5200, but an empty boat would turn 5600-5800; that is the best compromise for acceleration, full load, and empty boat.
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    Call the guys at Nettles. They can fix you up. You'll likely get more of the same opinions with this post.
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    With 1273 acme we have I bought it at the recommendation if nettles props. We mainly surf with 2000-3000lbs of ballast but we wakeboard and ski alittle. But the biggest thing in we ride up a channel 7 miles to get to good water on a main river so speed was important to us for economy. I have the nauticlogic gps based speed controller on our boat. We surf at 2900rpms and have no trouble getting there loaded up with ballast. Empty with 6 to 8 adults on moderately smooth water we can run 39.8 mph gps. I was looking at the 1235 when nettles told me to go with the 1273 to keep some top speed because of the more cup. When it comes to props the bigger the better for bottom end. I would call nettles and talk with them and tell them what you are trying to do I think they will steer you in the right direction. Their advice got me to where I wanted to be.
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