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Thread: Winter upgrades

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    Default Winter upgrades

    I think for this winter I might do some upgrades to the boat. I already got some new stainless cup holders. I'm looking to get the Seadek pad and a bimini top.

    I also going to put the "Roo" back on the boat. The previous owner took it off. Is there a good place to get Roo stickers. Is the dealership the only place? I've seen some on ebay, are they any good, the right size? I know the boat original came with white but I might go with a different color.

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    I ordered mine from a member here. but a local sign shop could do it with the right graphics. I believe Ed G has the graphics in his profile.
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    Yearround sent a couple extras he had out last summer. < Thanks Yearround > All you would need is a photo copy or a picture on here of an original and a sign shop can blow it up and print them in any color for you.
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    If you do your seadek pad in the cold winter up north--heat helps . Id take the platform in the house to help it warm up and use a hair dryer also.
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    If anybody puts in an order you should ask around here too. I'd take a roo for the truck.
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