We are often challenged by prospective buyers to explain how Moomba can build a tournament quality boat while pricing it significantly lower than competitors products. We understand that the very fact that we cost less raises red flags related to quality, durability, even value. We appreciate the often skeptical nature of today's informed consumer. So here are the straight facts, no embellishment. If it rings true to you, we would love to welcome you into the family of Moomba boat owners.

Lean manufacturing principles: We are a lean manufacturing production facility. We work in teams. We empower our plant production people (associates) to continually improve our processes. Our associates can stop production at any moment to stop and fix a problem rather than pass it on to the next station. We find the root cause of known problems, and then study and impliment better production processes. Our associates are cross-trained to perform multiple tasks, avoiding the boredom that can lead to defects. Safety, quality, and efficiency are our guide posts. We don't assign blame, but we are hard core focused on building the highest quality boat on the water regardless of size, class or cost.

Priced to lead the market: We are highly conscious of purchase prices. It's easy to get caught up into the 'bling' game. All too often 'features' are bolted on to boats that justify higher pricing but that are largely ornamentation. Determining what is a 'need' versus what is a 'nice to have' through active discussions with our owners and with prospective buyers has allowed us to stay current with the market without losing the pricing advantage that most Moomba owners demand.

Reduced marketing expenses: It's expensive to have a pro staff. It's expensive to host a professional tournament event. It's expensive to build hard-back covered catalogs that are filled with pictures taken at multiple exotic locations. It's expensive to deliver our message in media. Price leadership without compromise of product quality means that our marketing budget is by necessity significantly less than our competitors. We simply have to be smarter when it comes to investing marketing dollars so that we can spend less while still telling our story effectively.

Reduced margins: Often times we hear that a guy got a great 'deal' on a competitive product. We hear stories of dealers knocking $10,000 off of the retail floor price of a particular unit. That sounds exciting to get that kind of a 'win' at retail. But the point of fact is simply this. We sell our boats to our dealers at a substantially lower margin than do our direct competitors, and in turn, our dealers floor retail prices don't tend to carry the kind of bloat that allow for those 'once in a lifetime deals'. It's not the gimmick of 'every day low pricing'. Its simply a reality that we accept a lower margin on a Moomba to make certain that a new tournament boat is affordable to people who demand performance but value price.

As a result of these four actions, this is what you can expect from every Moomba that we build:

Tournament quality wakes, no compromise. That means an Outback buyer should expect a wake table that is buttery smooth for perfect slalom passes, while a Mobius buyer can anticipate big and beefy wakes that will push your aerial passes up to the next level.

Rock solid construction, no compromise. Every Moomba we build uses the best materials from the most trouble-free component part manufacturers in our industry. We cut no corners. All fiberglass … ALL FIBERGLASS … is hand-laid. You won’t find that on boats that sell for thousands more. All hulls and decks are shoe-box fit. All critical components are through-bolted into the strongest plating available on the market today. And not a single bit of wood anywhere on the boat to rot, mold, or decay. That’s why every Moomba we build comes with a limited lifetime hull warranty.

Dependable, worry-free performance. Indmar engines, now every one multi-port fuel injected power the Moomba line. Tried and true control systems. Simple easy to maintain cabin features and appointments. Easy to use speed control on every boat. Nibral tracking fins and props. Solid, functional, reliable component parts.

A remarkable value price. Moomba’s remain the most affordable new tournament water sports boats from a leading international manufacturer. Whether you demand direct drive or v-drive performance, you simply can’t find a tow boat that makes entry into true water sports performance more affordable. But it’s not just the initial price point that makes Moomba such a great value. When you compare the lifetime cost of ownership of a Moomba to any and all tournament boats, you will learn that Moomba’s retain their resale value, so that the price you pay for your overall boat ownership is as attractive as the initial sales price.

Make it your own. A base Moomba comes with a 5.7L 325HP multi-port fuel injected engine with a new pump in the tank delivery system for 2010, huge storage capacity, rack and pinion steering, upgraded seat and floor covering, stainless cupholders and cabin appointments, speed control, ski pylon, transom tow eye, navigation lights, safety equipment, a Boatmate trailer and that incredible sticker price.

Then you have the option of making it your own by choosing either wakeboard (Mobius series) or family/multi-sport editions (Outback series), gelcoat colors and patterns, and personalizing with the accessories you need to make every day on the lake a memorable one.

Moomba. No Worries. A great time, at a great price, day after day, week after week, year after year. That’s what owning a Moomba is all about.