Autopilot for Your Wakes & Waves.

Picture it:

A full weekend on the water in your Moomba®. Some sessions are packed. Others are half full, sometimes it’s just two of you. Truly, the only constant as the driver is the constant attention you have to pay to, well, everything—that’s where AutoWake® with Multi-Sensor Technology shines as a wakesurf autopilot system.


AutoWake with Multi-Sensor Technology features five patented systems that work together to automatically and continuously manage the position of your hull for a precise and repeatable wake for every rider, in every water condition.

Predictive State

AutoWake’s Predictive State feature measures and fills ballast to achieve the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement before the boat even leaves the dock.

G6 Ballast

Th G6 ballast system gets its brains from real-time sensors that automatically and intuitively help fill six fast-filling ballast pumps. This drastically reduces the time it takes for the ballast to reach its predicted state.


Your personalized wake and wave is always waiting with the all-new amplitude presets, available on the Kaiyen, Craz™, Mojo™ and Makai.