All Power. No Worries.

Experience tow-focused torque and proven workhorse power from every Raptor by Indmar engine. Featuring standard closed cooling, best-in class horsepower, torque, great fuel efficiency and low emissions, they’re the ultimate powersource for endless summer fun.


Yesterday’s performance mantra was focused on horsepower—a necessary component for top end speed, but not the right metric for loaded boats in big wake applications. While horsepower is still important today, our power philosophy is centered around torque and water-specific engineering. With Raptor by Indmar’s 6.2L displacement, dual spark plug cylinders and a next-generation silent exhaust system, we’re not just meeting watersports enthusiasts’ expectations. We're setting them.

Closed Cooled Comes Standard.

There is no need to upgrade to a close cooled engine with Moomba®. Every Raptor by Indmar engine is close cooled as factory equipment. Even on the base Raptor 400. Close cooled engines optimize and maintain consistent temperatures better to reduce wear and tear and corrosion--extending engine life and delivering value to Moomba owners that no other boat in the class can touch.


Off-the-line boat planing and lightning fast rider pulls are now a reality thanks to Raptor by Indmar’s low-end RPM power technology, known as Torque Centric Performance (TCP). TCP provides best in-class torque and horsepower where you need it most: between 2,500 and 3,500 RPMs. Even with full ballast and a maxed-out crew onboard, Ford® Raptor engines deliver immediate throttle and plane for unparalleled performance in wake sport applications.


Our Raptor 6.2L engines are tuned with a wakesport-optimized transmission gear ratio of 1.76:1 that lowers RPMs during wake activities. This means the engine consumes less fuel during sessions, leaving you with more time on the water and less time at the pump.


Raptor by Indmar 400

With the Raptor 400 by Indmar not only do you get best-in-class torque, you also get more standard features than any other base offering. The 6.2L Raptor 400 is engineered to deliver 404 ft-lbs of torque at a moment’s notice—giving you faster acceleration, less time to plane, reduced wear-and-tear and better fuel economy.

Even More Punch

Raptor by Indmar 450

For most applications, the standard 6.2L Raptor 400 by Indmar offers plenty of power, but if you like a little extra torque to get on plane or just prefer to get there faster opt for an additional 60 HP and 46 lb-ft of torque with the Raptor 450 upgrade.