Push Meets Pull

Riding a Moomba® wake or wave feels different because they are different. The technology built into the boat itself, like the wake shaping Moomba SmartPlate™ and Flow 2.0 Surf System, creates a more versatile canvas for you on the water.

The Quickest Path to Precise Wakes

In addition to automatically adjusting ballast for a precisely-shaped wake and wave, our patented AutoWake® features predictive state technology that begins measuring and adjusting ballast before the boat even leaves the dock.

*The AutoWake® patented technology is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 8,798,825, 9,689,395, 9,828,075, 9,873,491 and other patents pending.

Ideal Hull Positioning

How your boat's hull sits in the water is the most important factor in achieving a precise wake or surf wave. AutoWake® positions the boat in the water at the optimal angle to deliver just that.

A Dynamic System

AutoWake®, the G3 Ballast System and Moomba SmartPlate 2.0 don’t just work together—all three systems can be customized depending on rider preference.

Constant Measurement

AutoWake's integrated sensor constantly measures for changes in weight distribution inside the boat. It detects pitch, roll and depth in the water and adjusts ballast automatically to maintain your wake’s shape.

Predictive State Technology

This all-new innovation senses and fills the ballast to predicted levels to provide a precise wave.

Flow 2.0 Surf System

Moomba’s Flow 2.0 Surf System delivers all-day waves with the flick of a switch. Contoured plates tame and control water flow coming off the surf optimized hull. The result is massive surf waves, clean lips and tons of push from the swim platform all the way back to the barrel.

Flow 3.0 Surf System

For 2018, the Mojo Pro features our patent-pending Flow 3.0 Surf System. This new system features a secondary actuator and plate that drastically reduces wash, cleaning up the face of the wave, while minimizing the need to list or move people around inside the boat.

Moomba SmartPlate™ 2.0

Wake plates have been around for years without much improvement or increased functionality. So we decided to change that. The standard Moomba Wake Plate is now nearly 50% larger than its predecessor providing increased shaping capability and even more planning assistance when the boat is fully loaded.

G3 Ballast System

Weight your boat just right with up to 3,000 lbs. standard on Moomba’s larger boats. That’s some serious wake action. No matter what you choose, know that every Moomba’s ballast system is designed specifically for good times and great waves.

G6 Ballast System

We've upgraded the ballast system on the Mojo Pro by doubling the amount of pumps to drastically increase water flow. The perfect system to load the Pro with its massive 3,000 pounds of standard ballast and get you on the water quicker than ever.

*Also available on Max, Craz and Mojo