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THE ALL new 2024 tykon

More moomba than ever

You’ve always had a spark of adventure inside you, yearning to embark on epic journeys and create legendary stories. The Tykon is not just another boat; it’s your trusty sidekick, your guide to extraordinary experiences that will ignite your spirit and leave you with tales to tell for generations to come.



As the driver, you have a lot on your plate. So lets simplify it with AutoWake®. Our patented technology shines as a wakesurf and wakeboard system so you can keep your focus where it should be- enjoying the ride.

2024 features

taking fun to a whole new level.

Welcome to 2024, where innovation and adventure converge in the world of boating. Get ready to unleash the power of our cutting-edge technology, from the dual screen dash that puts control and entertainment at your fingertips, to the revolutionary E/Pex Tower that effortlessly folds and retracts with a touch. Explore the bold new gel colors that make a statement on the water, and feel the confidence of maneuvering with ease thanks to the intuitive boat thrusters.

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Moomba Wake Boats | Performance Ski Boats

Unbeatable wake technology meets a sleek, modern design


Professional Wake Boats

Moomba wake boats are an industry standard for a reason. There’s adventure to be had out on the water, and a high quality Moomba boat is the best way to find it. Whether you already have a boat in mind or you want to build something yourself, we’ve got you. Take your wake boarding to the next level with our AutoWake system, and explore one of the most consistent canvases in wake sports with a brand new Moomba boat.

Moomba Wake Surf Boats


The Moomba Makai delivers massive wakes for high-level wake boarders and surfers. Measuring at 24.5 ft long, with a seating capacity of up to 18, the Makai has room for friends and family alike. This boat features up to 4,000 lbs of ballast, with a standard G6 designed to create unbeatable wakes as soon as the boat hits water.

Each Moomba boat comes equipped with a 6.2L Raptor series engine. That means great low-end power with some of the best fuel efficiency on the market. No need to worry about closed cooling either.

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The Moomba Mojo is a high powered 23’ wake boat built to carve perfect wakes. The Mojo is a wakesurfer’s dream, with AutoWake and Flow Surf systems designed to ensure an optimal wake. Moomba’s Mojo is built to conquer the water. Like all Moomba boats, the Mojo combines industry leading technology with tons of amenities for the crew and transforms the water into the perfect canvas.

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The Moomba Craz is built to make every ride an adventure. The flow surf systems create beautiful wakes that boarders and surfers adore, and the engine has the power to give riders 410 horsepower, with 452 ft-lbs of torque. If you’re looking for a thrilling ride, look no further. The Craz is an adventure vessel like none other, with the same features you would expect out of a Moomba Boat: FlowSurf and AutoWake, waterproof speakers, board racks, and a powerful, fuel-efficient engine.

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The Moomba Kaiyen is 21’5” of power. It can be impossible to find a compact boat that delivers the same deep wakes as a larger 23’ boat, but with Moomba’s Kaiyen, drivers and riders alike can experience the best of both worlds. The Kaiyen features 3,700 pounds of ballast, and uses a G6 (six-pump) system to reduce fill times to practically nothing. That means less time idling, and more time carving it up on the water.

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Mondo is an all-rounder. One of the smallest boats we sell, the Mondo comes in at only 20 feet. You may be wondering, “can a 20 foot boat create wakes”? It can when it has over 3,500 pounds of ballast, and an Indmar Raptor series engine. The Mondo is just like Moomba’s other boats, just a bit smaller. If you’re looking to carve up the water, but don’t have a full crew the Mondo is a great option.

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Moomba’s Max is a 22’6” boat featuring up to 4,000 pounds of ballast. We called it the Max because it’s a beast. Moomba’s Max features a spacious bow with tons of room for your crew, and fusion bluetooth speakers. Like our other boats, the Max delivers up to 400 HP with a powerful, fuel efficient Indmar engine. Moomba’s Max delivers space, comfort, and reliability for sunny days of exploration.

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Innovation Makes Moomba An Unbeatable Ride


Moomba’s AutoWake makes creating ideal waves simple. AutoWake automates adjustments to the boat’s ballasts, manipulating the hull position to precisely create your wake. And it does it all without disturbing the rider whatsoever. At Moomba we truly believe AutoWake is the future of wakeboarding, and our technology keeps riders coming back.

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Flow Surf System

Moomba’s flow surf system is shaping the water and the wakeboarding industry. Moomba boats offer two systems to optimize the displacement of water to make that perfect wake. The Flow 2 surf system positions the hull to deliver a huge pocket for unmatched wakeboarding sessions. The Flow 3 system improves on Flow 2, by adding surf plates to the already effective Smart Plate.

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About Moomba 

For over 30 years the Moomba crew has been testing and toying with boats in some of the most brutal proving ground on the planet. Moomba boats are meant to roll with the punches, which is why our warranty is what it is.

Summers are meant to be enjoyed, and countless days have been wasted on the water due to unreliable wake boats. Moomba brings riders peace of mind through expertise and innovation.

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Build the Towboat of Your Dreams

With Moomba’s new builder, riders can create the wake boat of their dreams. Choose from one of our six models, and start customizing the color, trim, and accessories. A boat will stay with you for a while, and we at Moomba believe we can truly build the boat of your dreams.

Part of Moomba’s guarantee is satisfaction. If customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase, 

Peace of Mind with Moomba Protection

Every Moomba towboat comes with a Protection Plan. That means you can focus on the ride, while we take care of any issues that might come up. Our warranty lasts 5 years, and covers the engine, and every part other than the deck, hull, and floor. We cover the deck, hull, and floor indefinitely, we trust our structure and feel you should too.

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Ready to elevate your wakeboarding experience with a premier towboat from Moomba Boats? Contact us today to get with a customer service representative and start building out the boat of your dreams. We look forward to helping you choose the right model for your needs and aiding you with design and added features. 

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Moomba Boat FAQs

Who Manufactures Moomba Boats?

Moomba is manufactured by Skier’s Choice, located in Maryville, Tennessee. Skier’s choice employs more than 200 experts and towboat craftsmen, as a marine manufacturer and builds high-quality towboats.

How Many Moomba Models Are There?

There are 6 models in the Moomba Line. These include the Makai, Mojo, Craz, Kaiyen, Mondo, and Max. The models differ in size, capacity, and power depending on which engine you choose, and each boat comes with state-of-the-art standard features that truly separate Moomba from the competition.

Which Engines Do Moomba Boats Use?

Moomba boats are powered by Indmar engines. These engines are built to deliver powerful torque with faster acceleration and planing at their core. There are multiple variations of Indmar engines available to equip your Moomba with for the most powerful experience.