4 Reasons You Should Attend A Local Boat Show

4 Reasons to attend a local boat show

Boat shows are fantastic resources to check out boats you’ve been looking at online or gain additional knowledge about recreational boating. If you’re interested in purchasing a new or used boat, look for the closest boat show near you; here are four reasons why it’s a good idea to attend a local boat show:


1. Comparison Shopping 

Looking for a new boat but not sure what you want? Attending a boat show is an excellent place to price shop and experience all types of boats available in 2023. With many boat manufacturers and dealers present at a boat show, you’re bound to find something you like. Plus, you can test out the seats, check out the dash display, and see the craftsmanship and parts of the boat you would not otherwise encounter online.


If you’ve only spent a limited amount of time looking at boats and are not sure you are fully informed to make a decision, you can always seek out educational resources at a boat show. Talk to your local dealer in person, it’s easy to ask your boating questions. Knowing boating basics is extremely important, so as you shop around for your next summer ride, stop by and participate in some of the demonstrations and activities taking place. You never know what you could learn from your local dealer! 

3. Great Offers & Prices

Winter boating shows are often the best time to purchase a new boat and boating accessories.  If you wait until the summer to purchase your new or used boat, you may have limited options to choose from.  Additionally, winter boat shows usually have a special promotion and offers, so shopping around is never a bad idea if you’re in the market to purchase. 

4. Little Taste of Summer 

Winters can be brutally cold, attending a boat show can offer a taste of summer in the offseason. Walk into your next winter boat show and warm up: explore the newest boats on the market, experience demonstrations and activities, and meet people in your community who are also interested in boating!

Your local Moomba dealer’s are here to help as you navigate the boating world.  Find a dealer closest to you and check to see when they are having a boat show! 

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