ultimate wake surf experience with Flow Surf Systems

Moomba Boats

fLow surf system

Combining the wake-shaping Moomba SmartPlate™, Flow 2.0 and 3.0 Surf Systems with the industry-exclusive AutoWake® you’ll create a consistent, epic canvas for everyone to enjoy.

With Moomba’s Flow Surf Systems, you can easily adjust the size, shape of your wave to suit your skill level and riding style. The system uses a combination of ballast tanks and a specialized surf plate to position the hull in the optimal position allowing you to create a longer, more powerful wave, or a shorter, more playful wave.

surfing made simple

One of the key benefits of Flow Surf Systems is its ease of use. With the touch of a button, you can change the settings to suit your needs, allowing you to spend more time riding and less time adjusting the boat. The system is also fully customizable, so you can create your own unique wave.

More consistency

AutoWake® is designed to provide you with the most consistent wake and surf waves every time you hit the water. With the ability to replicate the same great wakes and waves day after day with a push of a button, the system uses precise pitch and roll hull angle numbers to ensure consistency. The system even coaches you on where to move weight in the boat if it can’t reach those numbers on its own. This level of precision allows you to improve your skills and progress faster, as you can rely on the same wave every time.

Autowake® smart systems

Why autowake®? AutoWake is designed to provide the most consistent wake and surf waves every time you hit the water
  • Replicate the same great wakes and waves day after day with a push of a button
  • Multiple  sensors and algorithms automatically adjust pitch and roll hull angles numbers to ensure consistency and precision.
  • More time riding less time adjusting the boat and settings
  • Effortlessly adjust the shape, and size of your wake with the touch of a button
  • Perfect for both experienced and beginner riders and drivers
  • Guides you on weight distribution in the boat if it can’t reach desired numbers on its own

Included Smart Systems

  • PREDICTIVE STATE- AutoWake’s Predictive State feature measures and fills ballast to achieve the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement before the boat even leaves the dock.
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • GO HOME LEVELING – This new AutoWake® feature independently adjusts each Flow Surf Plate to create a comfortable, stable ride when you’re headed home.

delivering long pockets and clean lips time after time.


Standard Surf System

This surf system positions the hull to deliver long pockets and clean lips for incredible sessions, time after time.


Optional upgrade

Better waves make for better days on any surf boat. Our updated design cleans up the face of the wave so you can have the best possible ride.

Smart plate

Standard on every Moomba model.

This plate provides increased shaping capability, can adjust the running position of the boat and helps get you on plane quicker.