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Seating Capacity




LBS Standard


built for expedition

Big and versatile?

Combining the wake-shaping Moomba SmartPlate™, Flow Surf Systems with the industry-exclusive AutoWake® you’ll create a consistent, epic canvas for everyone to enjoy.

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LBs of Ballast

(1814.37 KG)

The Moomba Makai delivers big-time action surf and wake action with 4,000 lbs of ballast. The standard G6 system uses six pumps to drastically reduce fill times to get your wake and surf sessions going even faster.

available thrusters

Experience enhanced maneuverability and precise control with the newly introduced boat thrusters available in the Moomba line. Parking your boat and maneuvering in tight spaces has never been easier. With the addition of boat thrusters, you’ll have the confidence to navigate any docking situation with finesse and ease. The intuitive control system, seamlessly integrated into the throttle knob, allows you to effortlessly direct the thrust in the desired direction, ensuring smooth and controlled movements. Say goodbye to the stress and challenges of docking and embrace a new level of confidence and convenience. With Moomba’s boat thrusters, you’re in complete command, effortlessly gliding through the water with unparalleled control. Spend more time enjoying your boating adventures and less time worrying about maneuvering.

Boat Length:   24’5″

Width:  102″

Boat Weight:  5200 lbs

Fuel Capacity:  70 gal

Seating Capacity:  18

Ready for action

With a Moomba®, you get more standard features and more options because more of a good thing is a great thing. Moomba makes the most reliable, trusted, highest-performing towboats in their category for every owner who craves endless summers and peace of mind.

E/PEX Tower

Introducing the E/Pex Tower, the pinnacle of wake tower innovation in the Moomba lineup. This top-of-the-line option takes convenience and functionality to new heights with its electric power system. With just a simple touch of a button, the E/Pex Tower gracefully folds and retracts, effortlessly adapting to your boating needs. Experience the ultimate ease of use as the tower lowers to an unprecedented level, allowing for convenient over-the-tower cover installation. We’ve thought of everything, including a newly added boat battery switch right on the tower for easy access and seamless operation. Upgrade your boating experience with the E/Pex Tower, where effortless power meets contemporary style. Embrace the future of wake towers and elevate your adventures on the water with this remarkable addition to the Moomba family.

Dressed to impress

The E/Pex Tower doesn’t just prioritize convenience—it’s designed to impress. The tower’s sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your boat, while its rigid frame ensures durability and stability. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve taken shade to a whole new level with a generously-sized Bimini. With expanded coverage, you and your crew can enjoy enhanced protection from the sun’s rays, making every outing more enjoyable.

Tower operation

With just a simple touch of a button, the E/Pex Tower gracefully folds and retracts, effortlessly adapting to your boating needs.

battery switch

We’ve thought of everything, including a newly added boat battery switch right on the tower for easy access and seamless operation.

Spin SPeakers

Exclusively available on the E/Pex Tower. These cutting-edge speakers take your on-water entertainment to a whole new level with their innovative 360-degree rotation. Experience the freedom to customize the direction of sound, as the Spin Speakers effortlessly spin left, right, up, and down, ensuring that your entire boat is enveloped in rich, immersive audio. 

Dual Screen DASH

Experience the pinnacle of control and convenience with Moomba’s innovative dual screen dash. Designed to elevate your boating adventures, this cutting-edge feature places two touch screens at your fingertips, each dedicated to a specific realm of functionality.

The first screen is your gateway to boat functions, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through various settings, monitor vital information, and take full command of your vessel. From adjusting ballast levels to fine-tuning surf systems, this intuitive interface empowers you to tailor your boat’s performance to perfection.

The second screen is your ultimate entertainment hub, seamlessly integrating music control, depth readings, charts, and maps into a sleek and user-friendly display. With easy access to your favorite tunes and comprehensive navigation tools, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of the water while staying informed and in control.

Experience the power of dual screens and embrace a new level of precision and enjoyment on the water. Moomba’s dual screen dash redefines what’s possible, combining advanced technology with effortless usability to enhance every moment of your boating journey. Get ready to embark on a seamless and immersive experience like no other.

Passenger Dash

Discover the new passenger glove box area, thoughtfully designed to keep you connected and organized throughout your adventures. Equipped with a wireless phone charger, your device stays powered up, ready to capture every thrilling moment on the water. Take command of your onboard entertainment with the integrated audio control unit, putting volume and track selection at your fingertips. Need a place to store your essentials? The spacious glove box provides ample room to keep your belongings secure and easily accessible.

Activity Presets

With a simple tap on the screen, you can now choose your preferred activity, whether it’s wakesurfing left, wakesurfing right, wakeboarding, cruising, or even calling it a day. Our intelligent system takes care of the rest, automatically adjusting and optimizing ballast levels to deliver the perfect ride for your chosen adventure.

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  • Wakeboard
  • Home


Indmar’s Raptor Series low-end RPM power technology (TCP) provides best in-class torque and horsepower where you need it most: between 2,500 and 3,500 RPMs.



There is no need to upgrade to a close-cooled engine with Moomba. Every Raptor by Indmar engine is close-cooled as factory equipment. Even on the base Raptor 400. Boom.


The 6.2L Raptor Series is inherently more efficient, giving you more low-end power while consuming less fuel. That conveniently translates to more time on the water and less time at the pump.

epic adventures await

The Moomba Makai isn’t afraid to make a splash with premium features and something for everyone.


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