Moomba Spotify Playlists

Summer Playlist for YOU!

Boating tunes are essential for a good wake and surf session. 

Need a good playlist for your Moomba’s Wet Sounds speakers? We’ve got you covered. Check out our 👉 Spotify playlist’s !

1. Wake TO Wake

Press play and listen to some jams as you go from wake to wake. Our Moomba playlist adds some flair to your wake session. #moombaboats

2. Boating Beats

Who’s ready to party!? Press play on these boating beats to get the party started! #moombaboats

3. Shreddy Ready

Just press play with Moomba Boats’ Shreddy Ready Playlist! Perfect for a sunset cruise or surfin’ some waves.  #moombaboats

4. Swimmer’s Cove

Tie up and press play with Moomba Boat’s Swimmers Cove Playlist! #moombaboats

5. 90’s Summer 

These songs rocked the 90s. Throw it back with Moomba’s 90’s Summer Playlist🤟. #moombaboats

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