Space FOr days

More room for adventure

Seating Capacity


Dry Weight






135 cu.ft.

Hidden Storage

more room for adventure

The Tykon takes pride in bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments on the water. With its spacious design and ample seating capacity, this boat ensures that nobody gets left behind. Gather your friends, family, and loved ones as the Tykon comfortably accommodates up to 18 passengers. Share laughter, create lasting memories, and embark on new adventures with the Tykon’s generous seating capacity that welcomes all to join in the fun.


Person Seating Capacity


Cup Holders


Cubic Feet of Storage

more room to explore

Bring the family. Friends. Pets? Why not? And all the gear you need. With Tykon you have loads of room and amazing flexibility. You might have to dream up some new adventures.

Tailored for those who demand more

With a Moomba®, you get more standard features and more options because more of a good thing is a great thing. Moomba makes the most reliable, trusted, highest-performing towboats in their category for every owner who craves endless summers and peace of mind.

Enough Specs to Make your Head Spin

Boat Length:   24′
Width:  102″
Boat Weight:  5500 lbs
Fuel Capacity:  70
Seating Capacity:  18

Ballast:   4500 lbs
Storage space:  135 cf 
Cabin Space:  290 cf
Bow Seat Back Height:  18″
Seat Height:  16″

Tower Height:   48″
Glove Box Storage:  14″ x 23″ x 30″
OB Compartment:  39,000 cubic inches
Cup Holders:  14
Boat Length:  26′

Tykon Interior

~290 cu. ft.
of massiveness

Large and always in charge. Whether it’s a long weekend getaway, or taking all your friends out on the water the Tykon has the space for it.

-Seating for up to 18
-Rear Sliding seat
-Available Rear Storage Bins
-Entertainment & comfort for all

Comfort Meets Simplicity

Tykon is a rugged beast. But you wouldn’t know from in here. You’ll find simplicity, innovation, and thoughtful features everywhere you look.
• Thermoskinz Vinyl (available)
• Sliding Rear Facing Seat
• Gatorstep Marine Flooring
• Wireless Chargers
• Heaters (available)

multi sport Board racks

The next evolution of the world’s most innovative board rack has arrived with the optional Roswell Elite 2.0. Featuring Roswell’s R-FLEX suspension technology, new features at every angle deliver the most advanced board storage solution on the water. 

Bring all the gear you need

The Tykon is not just about thrilling adventures on the water—it’s also about making memories with your friends and having all the gear you need for the ultimate boating experience. Step aboard and discover a spacious interior that is designed to accommodate your crew and all the equipment you require, with room to spare. Whether you’re embarking on a day of wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or simply cruising along the shoreline, the Tykon ensures that there’s ample space to bring your friends along for the ride. From comfortable seating arrangements to strategically placed storage compartments, everything is meticulously crafted to maximize space and convenience. So pack your gear, invite your friends, and rest assured that the Tykon has the capacity to carry it all. Experience the freedom of bringing everything you need for unforgettable adventures on the water, and create lasting memories with the people who matter most.

Crank up the volume, turn down the noise

Noise dampening throughout the boat paired with our premium sound system ensures that you can enjoy your favorite tunes with Wet Sound’s exclusive REV TEC technology. Giving these wakeboard tower speakers the power and precision needed to project clear, accurate sound over long distances.

Info you care about, front and center

Navigation,  vital boat information, wake settings, lights and more — all within sight and reach on Tykon’s standard large 7″ touch-screen display.

Brains meets brawn



Power without boundaries

Keep key driving info close to your line of sight, seamless smartphone integration, and an Integrated Command Center with a standard 7″ touch-screen display. Tykon gives you all the tech you need.

  • 7″ Digital dashboard with fully digital gauges
  • GPS Pulse Cruise
  • Control Paddles
  • AutoWake™
  • Fusion Bluetooth Audio
  • Wireless charging
  • Wetsounds Premium Audio System

wireless charGing

Stop fumbling with cords. With available wireless charging, all you need to do is set down your compatible smartphone to start charging.


Take advantage of the many source options available, including BLUETOOTH® technology, DAB+ radio, AM/FM radio, AUX and USB connections. Control it all from the helm or from the optional transom remote.

Creative Storage Solutions

Unleash your inner organizational genius with the Tykon’s creative storage solutions, designed to keep your gear neatly stowed and readily accessible for every waterborne endeavor.