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You’ve always had a spark of adventure inside you, yearning to embark on epic journeys and create legendary stories. The Tykon is not just another boat; it’s your trusty sidekick, your guide to extraordinary experiences that will ignite your spirit and leave you with tales to tell for generations to come.

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Boat Length:   24′

Width:  102″

Boat Weight:  5500 lbs

Fuel Capacity:  70 gal

Seating Capacity:  18


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More than Just a boat

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate boating experience, the Tykon encompasses the very essence of the Moomba brand. Designed for those who crave exceptional performance, versatility, and value, this remarkable boat stands tall among its peers. With its spacious interior, advanced features, and cutting-edge technology, the Tykon invites you to embark on unforgettable adventures on the water. Experience the thrill of limitless possibilities, without compromise, at a competitive price point. The Tykon is more than just a boat; it’s a testament to our vision of delivering extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.

More power than you can shake a stick at

Every Tykon comes equipped standard with the best in class 6.2L Raptor 400 by Indmar Marine engines and the capability you need for the longest of days and biggest adventures. 

But why settle for standard when you can elevate your experience even further? With the Tykon, you have the option to supercharge your journey with the formidable 450 and 575 Indmar Marine engines delivering unmatched performance and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Step inside the Tykon and be embraced by a world of spacious comfort and cutting-edge innovation. Its interior is thoughtfully designed to provide ample room for you and your companions to relax and revel in the journey. With seating for 18 passengers, everyone can find their perfect spot to enjoy the ride. The advanced features of the Tykon elevate your boating experience to new heights. From the intuitive touchscreen display that puts all controls at your fingertips to the state-of-the-art audio system that immerses you in your favorite tunes, every detail has been carefully crafted to enhance your enjoyment on the water. 

The Tykon’s spacious interior and advanced features ensure that your time on board is nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Gatorstep Marine Flooring
  • Wetsounds Audio
  • Thermoskinz Vinyl
  • Wireless Charging

Wake systems

Seamlessly adjust the wake size, shape, and intensity to match your skill level and desired experience. From adrenaline-fueled tricks to smooth and endless waves, the Tykon empowers you to push the limits and reach new heights in your wakeboarding and wakesurfing adventures.

  • AutoWake®. 
  • Flow Surf System
  • 4,500 LBS of Ballast

Premium Audio by WetSounds

Wet Sounds Revolution Series speakers
will let you enjoy full-range sound even
when the boat’s at full throttle.
Exclusive REV TEC technology gives these
wakeboard tower speakers the power
and precision needed to project clear,
accurate sound over long
distances, on-axis or off.

Spacious Bow

Deep Spacious bow and main cabin area to keep you safe and secure within the vessel.

Smart Systems

Our patented technology shines
as a wakesurf and wakeboard
autopilot system so you can keep
your focus where it should be. 

Smart Systems

Our patented technology shines
as a wakesurf and wakeboard
autopilot system so you can keep
your focus where it should be. 

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More for less.

moomba tykon


The Moomba Tykon is built to make every ride an adventure. The flow surf systems create beautiful wakes that boarders and surfers adore, and the engine has the power to give riders 355 horsepower, with 452 ft-lbs of torque. If you’re looking for a thrilling ride, look no further. The Tykon is an adventure vessel like none other, with the same features you would expect out of a Moomba Boat: FlowSurf and AutoWake, waterproof speakers, board racks, and a powerful, fuel-efficient engine.

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What is the length of the Moomba Tykon?


The Moomba TYKON is a versatile and spacious boat that measures 24 feet in length. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a larger vessel that can be used for a variety of activities such as water sports, fishing, and family outings.

How many people can sit in the Moomba Tykon?

18 People 

The Moomba Tykon can comfortably seat up to 18 people, making it a great option for medium-sized groups and parties. The boat features ample seating and plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy the ride.

What is the ballast on the Moomba Tykon?

4,500 lbs of ballast 

The Moomba Tykon is also equipped with a massive 4,500 lbs of ballast, which is used to provide stability and control while on the water. This allows the boat to handle rough water conditions with ease and provides a smooth and stable ride for all passengers.

What is the width of the Moomba Tykon?

102 inches 

The width of the Moomba Tykon is 102 inches, making it a wide boat that offers plenty of room for passengers to move around and enjoy their time on the water. This wide stance also helps the boat to provide a more stable ride.

What is the fuel capacity of the Moomba Tykon?

70 Gallons

The Moomba Tykon also features a large fuel tank that holds up to 70 gallons of gasoline. This provides a long range for the boat, making it a great choice for those who want to spend a full day out on the water without needing to refuel.