Buying an inboard towboat is a big decision. At Moomba, we want to make the best decision for you and your family. Whether you’re just starting to discover and shop for your needs or you’re ready to make a decision there are a few somewhat less obvious factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind while browsing websites or face-to-face with a dealer representative. 


It’s typical to see manufacturers offer attractive lower base prices on a model to keep you interested, only to see the price rise after quickly adding a few essential options. Moomba carries the reputation of coming packed with top of the line standards while offering even more options. Keep that in mind when comparing boats and prices. Better yet, head to our website and download our latest Moomba Catalog to see what comes standard!


Measure twice, buy once! Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to boat size. Finding the right model that fits your family and friends is what determines the perfect fit! If you’re storing your Moomba at a private property, think about the size and space you have to keep your boat and trailer.


A comprehensive warranty is essential when it comes to big purchases like a boat. You deserve to have complete confidence in your product on the water as well as out of the water should an issue arise. With the purchase of a Moomba, you get the Moomba Protection Plan. This warranty plan includes four unique levels of industry-leading coverage to ensure years of worry-free Moomba action on the water.


When you buy a boat you enter a relationship with your dealership and their staff– it’s important that your dealer sincerely cares about you and your boating experience. At Moomba we believe that a dealer-customer relationship is a long-term one that should live on well after you purchase your boat. Rest assured you can trust our network of Moomba dealers to provide the best in service – from boat maintenance and repairs, to services and assistance with other matters like financing, and registration. When you choose to buy a Moomba, you choose much more than a salesperson. You choose a #NoWorriesWake. 

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