built for expedition

Big and versatile?

Combining the wake-shaping Moomba SmartPlate™, Flow Surf Systems with the industry-exclusive AutoWake® you’ll create a consistent, epic canvas for everyone to enjoy.

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LBs of Ballast

(1814.37 KG)

The Moomba Makai delivers big-time action surf and wake action with 4,000 lbs of ballast. The standard G6 system uses six pumps to drastically reduce fill times to get your wake and surf sessions going even faster.

Boat Length:   24’5″

Width:  102″

Boat Weight:  5200 lbs

Fuel Capacity:  70 gal

Seating Capacity:  18

Ready for action

With a Moomba®, you get more standard features and more options because more of a good thing is a great thing. Moomba makes the most reliable, trusted, highest-performing towboats in their category for every owner who craves endless summers and peace of mind.


GatorStep non-skid flooring adds durability, extra cushion and ultimate traction.

Premium Board racks

The next evolution of the world’s most innovative board rack has arrived with the Roswell Triton II. Featuring Roswell’s all-new R-FLEX suspension technology, new features at every angle deliver the most advanced board storage solution on the water. The all-new R-Flex Talon catchhead conforms to any board edge shape with an autonomous grip to perfectly engage varying surface angles and contours in a way that naturally reacts as pressure is applied for a secure hold.

Seriously loud

Wet Sounds Revolution Series speakers will let you enjoy full-range sound even when the boat’s at full throttle. Exclusive REV TEC technology gives these wakeboard tower speakers the power and precision needed to project clear, accurate sound over long distances, on-axis or off.

The Future of Wake SPort Control

As the driver, you have a lot on your plate. So let us take a few tons of weight off your shoulders with AutoWake®. Our patented technology shines as a wakesurf and wakeboard autopilot system so you can keep your focus where it should be—on delivering a great day on the water.


Indmar’s Raptor Series low-end RPM power technology (TCP) provides best in-class torque and horsepower where you need it most: between 2,500 and 3,500 RPMs.



There is no need to upgrade to a close-cooled engine with Moomba. Every Raptor by Indmar engine is close-cooled as factory equipment. Even on the base Raptor 400. Boom.


The 6.2L Raptor Series is inherently more efficient, giving you more low-end power while consuming less fuel. That conveniently translates to more time on the water and less time at the pump.

epic adventures await

The Moomba Makai isn’t afraid to make a splash with premium features and something for everyone.

Moomba Systems

Our patented technology shines as a wakesurf and wakeboard autopilot system so you can keep your focus where it should be. AutoWake has multiple views on the 7″ display so that you can customize your user preference, including a screen that shows where weight should be shifted to optimize the wake. The AutoWake software has been updated with additional behind the scenes features to give you a better experience on the water. 

  • AutoWake®. 
  • Flow Surf System
  • G Ballast Systems
  • Go Home Leveling

Comfortable, Durable and Ready for Anything

The Makai is primed for exploration. It’s adjustable interior offers space and comfort for the whole family. 

 A stylish dash with an array of features that make for a comfortable and spacious day on the lake. And because it was built for your active lifestyle, you can expect an interior that accommodates the family, gear, and just about everything else you will need on your lake adventures. 

  • Audio System by WetSounds with RGB lighting
  • Adjustable Driver Seat with Bolster
  • Rear flip up seats
  • In Floor Trash Can and Floor Storage
  • Nonskid flooring by Gatorstep
  • Heaters
  • Triton Board Racks 
  • ThermoSkinz