Ballast Control

All Moomba models come standard with robust ballast systems ranging between 3700 and 4500 lbs for maximum wake power. Choose between the G3 and G6 ballast systems in most models to customize your ballast filling experience. 

G3 Ballast system

You know what we always say: To get your technique right, get your ballast right. With an eye on making sure you have the most ballast available, you’ll be set up for shredding success.


Upgrade your Moomba and decrease your fill time. The optional G6 system doubles your pumps so you can fill up faster.

How does it work?


AutoWake’s Predictive State feature measures and fills ballast to achieve the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement (or amplitude) before the boat even leaves the dock.

Getting caught up in the details has never been easier


Your personalized wake and wave is always waiting with all-new ballast presets.

Go home LEveling

This new AutoWake® feature independently adjusts each Flow Surf Plate to create a comfortable, stable ride when you’re headed home.