Moomba’s Ultimate Surf Boats: Affordable Performance Meets Family Fun

Welcome to the pinnacle of performance and comfort—Moomba’s surf boats, where families and surfing enthusiasts converge. Dive into our blend of cutting-edge technology and design, tailored to enhance your wave-riding experience.

Crafting the Perfect Surf Boat

In the realm of surf boats, two elements stand paramount: the hydrodynamics steered by hull shape and the propulsion powerhouse.

Hull Dynamics and Wave Creation

Our boats sport a hull that not only channels water seamlessly but integrates the latest wake-shaping marvels, guaranteeing unmatched on-water fun for both novice and seasoned riders.

Power Beyond Limits

Enter the realm of Moomba’s dynamic Indmar Raptor engines, ranging from the standard Raptor 400 to the intense Roushcharged Raptor 575. Expect unmatched performance every ride.

Technology That Sets Waves & Us Apart

G3 & G6 Ballast Systems

Standard on Moomba boats, these ballast systems boast rapid fill and drain capacities. They’re your go-to for crafting that dream wave, no matter your skill.

AutoWake®: Simplicity in Wave Crafting

AutoWake® is our signature. Set, surf, repeat—all at a button’s push. Designed exclusively for Moomba Boats, it promises an unparalleled wakeboarding and wakesurfing adventure.

Flow Surf: Ride Your Wave, Your Way

Pair the Flow Surf System with AutoWake® for the ultimate wave control. Tailor every wave to your heart’s desire, from gentle ripples to towering curls. Suitable for both budding surfers and pros.

Safety On the Waves

Ensuring a safe surf experience is paramount. Immerse in our comprehensive safety guide here. And remember, life jackets are non-negotiable—ensure everyone onboard has one.

Choosing Your Moomba Surf Boat

Size It Right

From intimate gatherings to large family outings, there’s a Moomba for every group. Reach out to our dealers to feel our models firsthand.

Craft It Your Way

Engine strength, seating comfort, or added accessories—consider all when crafting your Moomba of choice on our boat builder app. With Moomba, every boat is your canvas.

Personalize Your Surf Experience

Sound Waves

Moomba’s audio packages elevate every ride, whether you’re serenading the seas or surfing to beats.

Comfort First

From versatile seating options to Gatorstep non-skid flooring, luxury meets function in our designs.

Accessorize Your Adventures

Enhance your boat with our range of additions, from bimini surf storage to the futuristic electric E-Pex tower.

Discover Moomba’s Surf Boat Lineup

  • Mondo: Compact yet feature-rich, perfect for 13-strong crews.
  • Max: A 17-seater spacious wonder.
  • Tykon: 2024’s game-changer in surf boat excellence.
  • Kaiyen: The family favorite, balancing size with features.
  • Craz: A well-rounded surf boat that screams adventure.
  • Mojo: The embodiment of elevated expectations.
  • Makai: Luxury and power combined for those who demand the best.

Why Moomba Surf Boats Shine

Bridging affordability with luxury, Moomba offers a fleet that promises both memorable adventures and value. With a commitment to exceptional performance and user-centric design, each boat isn’t just a purchase—it’s an investment in family fun.

Choose Moomba, where every wave becomes a memory.