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As the driver, you have a lot on your plate. So let us take a few tons of weight off your shoulders with AutoWake®. Our patented technology shines as a wakesurf and wakeboard autopilot system so you can keep your focus where it should be—on delivering a great day on the water.


AutoWake is an advanced, exclusive technology that sets Moomba in a class of its own—and you won’t find it’s intuitive, effortless features anywhere else.


At the heart of AutoWake with Multi-Sensor Technology are multiple software and hardware patents. These patents allow us to continually advance what’s possible with AutoWake in the future.


No other towboat technology takes the complex task of holding your hull in an exact position, relative to a multitude of ever-changing variables. AutoWake does it automatically. In real time. At the push of a button.



When you’re comparing engine and technical boat specs it’s easy to drift into the weeds. The message is simple from Moomba, as always: You’re buying the absolute best from a trusted manufacturer, in every sense and throughout every build. It’s what we do, and it’s our promise to you.

Ballast Control & surf systems

Building Better Wakes

With the industry-exclusive AutoWake® with Multi-Sensor Technology, the wake-shaping Moomba SmartPlate™ and Flow 2.0 and 3.0 Surf Systems, you’ll create a consistent, epic canvas for everyone to enjoy.

Fit & Finish

Looks good doing everything

Rear Sun Shade
Anybody else looking forward to some #SunsOutShadesOut weather? New for 2022, Moomba's New Rear Sun Shade is easy to attach and compatible with all Moomba Towers!
GatorStep Non-Skid
Let your feet feel nirvana. Choose your colorway of plush, non-skid flooring for extreme durability, comfort and increased traction that’s easy to clean and comes standard. New for 2022: Concrete and Wood grain patterns.
Rear Facing Seating
In our world, front row seats are at the back of the boat. That’s why we include a convertible sliding rear seat in every Moomba wake boat with an optional backrest for added comfort.
Stay warm on the water with Moomba’s optional heater package. Two heater vents and tube extensions circulate warm air wherever it’s needed.
Pro Tower with Fold Assist
We’ve taken our tower to new heights. With optional LED lighting and optional bimini with surf storage and surf pylons on either side, it’s a sleek and versatile tower that folds up or down with ease. New for 2022 is the standard matching tower shield for a sleeker look.
Dual Wireless Charging
You’ll never be without a charge in a Moomba. NEW for 2022 , Moomba's Dual Charging locations. Rotate devices in and out as the day rolls on, or just relax knowing it’s there for you. It’s just another way you get more with Moomba. *Two Charging Stations standard on all Models Except the Craz (One Charge Station Standard).
Premium RGB Lighting
Lighting is everything when the dusk settles in. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Moomba’s Premium RGB Light package. With the lighting control panel and an app on your phone, you can change and control the ambiance of your Moomba. Add additional cool factor with our optional underwater light package.
Standard Surf Systems
Moomba’s Flow Surf System helps deliver the long pockets and clean lips every wakesurfer craves. Contoured plates help reposition the surf-optimized hull in the water creating massive, lengthy surf waves from the swim platform to the back of the barrel.
In-floor Storage and Trash
Moomba Mojo and Makai comes standard with a In-Floor Trash and Storage compartment.