Unveiling the Future of Wake Towers: Moomba Introduces the E/Pex Tower

Unveiling the Future of Wake Towers: Moomba Introduces the E/Pex Tower

Revolutionizing Convenience and Functionality for Your Ultimate Boating Experience

The latest addition to the Moomba Tower offerings, the E/Pex Tower, stands as a testament to this commitment, taking convenience and functionality to unprecedented heights. Boasting a host of cutting-edge features, this top-of-the-line wake tower is set to redefine your boating experience in ways you never thought possible.

Effortless Adaptability with Electric Power

At the heart of the E/Pex Tower lies an innovative electric power system that redefines the way you interact with your boat. With just a simple touch of a button, the tower gracefully folds and retracts, adapting to your boating needs with unparalleled ease. Gone are the days of struggling with manual towers – now, your tower effortlessly adjusts to your preferences, making the entire process streamlined and enjoyable.

This newfound convenience extends even further as the tower lowers to an unprecedented level, facilitating hassle-free installation of over-the-tower covers. Moomba understands that every aspect of boating should be a pleasure, and the E/Pex Tower delivers on this promise with its user-friendly design.

Seamless Integration with Boat Battery Switch

Moomba’s dedication to comprehensive convenience shines through with the addition of a boat battery switch right on the tower. This intuitive feature ensures easy access and seamless operation. No longer do you need to navigate through cramped spaces to manage your boat’s power supply. With the battery switch conveniently located on the tower, your boating experience becomes even more streamlined, allowing you to focus on the water and the adventures that await.

360-Degree Sound Immersion with Spin Speakers

Exclusive to the E/Pex Tower, the cutting-edge Spin Speakers revolutionize on-water entertainment. These speakers introduce a new dimension of audio customization with their innovative 360-degree rotation capability. With the ability to adjust sound direction in every angle – left, right, up, and down – the Spin Speakers envelop your boat in rich, immersive audio. Your entire crew can now revel in an all-encompassing auditory experience, enhancing the joy of your time on the water.

Crystal-Clear Views with Tower Camera and Garmin Integration

Moomba doesn’t stop at convenience and audio innovation; they have also reimagined situational awareness with the Tower Camera. Seamlessly syncing with the new Garmin screen on the driver’s helm, this revolutionary camera system provides real-time visual feedback of your surroundings. Bid farewell to blind spots and navigate with unwavering confidence, whether you’re parking, towing, or simply enjoying the ride. The harmonious collaboration between the Tower Camera and Garmin screen empowers you to make precise decisions and elevate your boating adventures.

Perfecting Wakesurfing with Surf Tow Points

Moomba has integrated Surf Tow Points into the E/Pex Tower’s design. These thoughtfully positioned rope mounting spots seamlessly provide rider-friendly setups that place wakesurfers in the optimal position for an unforgettable ride. Passengers are kept safe and distractions are eliminated with ropes kept out of the way, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable time on the water.

Elevate Your Boating Adventures with the E/Pex Tower

The E/Pex Tower from Moomba isn’t just a wake tower – it’s a paradigm shift in convenience, functionality, and innovation. With its electric power system, integrated battery switch, Spin Speakers, Tower Camera, and Surf Tow Points, this remarkable addition to the Moomba family redefines what’s possible on the water. Embrace the future of wake towers and experience boating in a whole new light with the E/Pex Tower, available exclusively on the Mojo and Makai models. Moomba invites you to elevate your adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime.