Fresh Arrivals: The 2019 Moomba Family

Your new 2019 Moomba has arrived.

The All-New 2019 Makai

Meet the Bold New Face of Moomba.

Graduate into something greater from Moomba with the big and sharp new 2019 Makai that features 4,000 lbs. of factory sub-floor ballast, a new 7” touchscreen display and new Pro Tower. It’s the next generation towboat that’s built to reset every expectation you have about Moomba.

The All-New 2019 Craz Pro

Pro-Level Fun Dripping in style Points.

When your dreams are set for something bigger on the water, the 2019 Craz Pro is ready for your anything and features a new dash with a 7” touchscreen display and new Pro Tower.

2019 Mojo

The Perfect Way Out For Every Big Session.

With a deep, proven hull that serves up massive wakes and tight point and shoot handling, there’s nothing missing when you go with a 2019 Mojo.

2019 Craz

Kick Back in the Center of the Action.

The 2019 Craz’s classic style and modern wake performance does everything well, and fits in perfectly at the center of your on-the-water lifestyle and features a new dash with a 7” touchscreen display.

2019 Mondo

Not our biggest towboat. Still 100% Moomba beast.

The 2019 Mondo does it all. It’s big enough to throw massive wakes and it’s nimble enough to maneuver through any day from sunrise to sunset. Features a new dash with a 7” touchscreen display.

2019 Max

Room for everyone. Up for anything.

The 2019 Max doesn’t know compromise. That’s because it’s built to handle and store anything the day or night brings.

2019 Helix

Fits right in as the little big boat.

The 2019 Helix throws huge wakes and waves behind a big and deep hull, and delivers huge performance in a compact package.